Tuscan Tan Luxe Tan Application Mitt

Brand: Tuscan Tan


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Made of luxuriously soft velour with a protective stain proof film on the inside, this Tuscan Tan Application Mitt will help you blend your tan consistently and streak-free, while protecting your hands from pesky stains.

This is not your ordinary tanning mitt, made with soft velour on the outside and a protective stain proof film on the inside – this mitt makes tanning luxurious. Helping to better blend your tan so it’s more consistent and preventing streakage, while also protecting your hands from tan stains.

This tanning mitt is one size fits all and is reusable, a quick wash in warm water and air dry and this tanning mitt is ready to go again.

What are the key features and benefits of the Tuscan Tan Luxe Tan Application Mitt?

  • Made of soft velour on the outside
  • Made with a protective stain proof film on the inside
  • Reusable tanning mitt
  • Blends your tan more easily and more consistently
  • Prevents streakage
  • Protects your hands from tanning stains

How do I best apply my tan with the Tuscan Tan Luxe Application Mitt?

Step 1: Place the Self Tan Application Mitt on your hand.

Step 2: Apply your favourite Tuscan Tan self-tan product onto the palm side of the mitt.

Step 3: Work the product into your skin with long circular movements, blending as you go.

Step 4: Using the residual product remaining on the mitt, finish by lightly sweeping the mitt over your elbows, wrists and top of the hands. Be sure to bend and spread fingers out to avoid white knuckle creases and webs.

Step 5: After use, hand wash your mitt in warm water, then rinse and leave flat to air dry.


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