Société Refinishing Plus Complex

Brand: Societe


Refinishing Complex’ big brother…..this is only to used on skins that are thickened and in serious need of some exfoliation. We recommend this to anyone that has finished using their Refinishing Complex and feels they want to ’step-up’

Using a blend of Vitamin A, AHA’s and BHA’s, Refinishing Plus Complex is going to re-texturise your skin to make it appear smoother, stimulate cell turnover to help repair and correct damaged cells and bring forward fresh, new skin cells AND exfoliate dead, dull, lifeless skin. Get ready for your glow.

Benefits: Exfoliating Repairing Correcting Stimulating

Skin Type: Thickened, Sun damaged, Skins in need of exfoliation

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Dimensions 16 × 15 × 5 cm


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