Salt By Hendrix Glow Dust

Brand: Salt By Hendrix



Who are these coolest babes on the block?

Two fancy, round glass beauty tools. A little bit of fairy dust, and a whole lot of self care. These magical beauty tools provide a crazy cool, uber-extra massage to the face and neck. Pop them in the fridge for an instant cooling effect to massage in your serums, creams and oils. Oh, and feeling a little puffy, these BFF’s love to come out and play.

Some COOL GIRL rules.

Like most cool girls, these babes need you to follow some strict rules to ensure you keep the gang together and be the BFF that they know they can be.

  • They love the fridge. Never place/keep/house in the freezer.
  • These babes are made from glass. Dropping them, even from the smallest height may cause them to break. If broken or cracked, never, ever use them – sadly they need to be discarded immediately.
  • Always be gentle. These babes are cool as a cucumber, but they work best with gentle pressure.


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