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Improve your odds during cold and flu season by giving your immune system a boost with this innovative elixir! Treated with proprietary frequencies and infused with the healing properties of 24-karat gold and colloidal and silver, Immune Defense is designed to neutralise disharmonies in the body and mind caused by pathogens, viruses, and toxicity.


  • Actively harmonizes viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and potential sources of autoimmune diseases*
  • Targets cold and flu symptoms*

HOW TO USE: Shake well before each use. Drink full dose within 60 minutes. Recommended Dose:
Up to 100 lbs: 1 bottle
101 – 200 lbs: 2 bottles
201 – 300 lbs: 3 bottles


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Dimensions 20 × 3 × 5.5 cm


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