Elektra Magnesium Mineral Salt Flakes 4kg

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  • Food-grade quality magnesium flakes with sea trace minerals – can be used for remineralising filtered drinking water, mouthwash, as well as detox bathing and footsoaking.
  • Naturally evaporated magnesium chloride salt from pristine region 3,000m above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau (not near populations, mining or agri-industry).
  • Laboratory tested in Australia (at ppb, no mercury nor lead detected).
  • Contains approx 16% elemental magnesium ions (the highest in the range of magnesium chlorides). One pinch of flakes (half of one gram) = 80mg elemental magnesium per litre of filtered drinking water (to simulate natural spring water).


Keep air tight. Magnesium flakes will draw moisture if exposed to air for too long. If they draw too much moisture over a long time you can just liquefy the rest and use as a magnesium oil the same way as the flakes were used. The magnesium chloride does the same job whether as magnesium flakes or liquefied.  But it is recommended to them up faster to get your daily dose of magnesium!

Recommended Dilution and Uses

  • BATH: 1 or 2 cups per bath.
  • FOOTSOAK: 1 dessertspoon or tablespoon full in half bucket hot water.
  • Mg OIL MASSAGE or COMPRESS: 50g or 60g per 100ml water (adjust lower for sensitive skin). You can also apply additional plant oil to massage. With direct application to skin in massage or compress you may experience temporary tingling sensation. The solution may be diluted further if required.  As magnesium cellular stores are replenished the tingling sensation dissipates.
  • MOUTHWASH: 1 teaspoon per 250-350ml purified water. Store solution away from daylight. This dilution can also be used as an eye make up remover with application to cotton applicator.
  • MINERAL DRINKING WATER FOR ENHANCED HYDRATION: To restore minerals in drinking water after distillation, reverse osmosis filtering, or in rain water, add a small pinch (approx 0.5 gram) in 1 litre water. Some people may like a bit more if they perspire a lot.  It depends how much electrolyte loss you experience.  There is no one precise amount for all.  Adjust to suit individual requirements.

Benefits of Magnesium Flakes 

Magnesium Flakes soaking allows your body to absorb magnesium via skin, effectively bypassing the digestive system and gaining faster access to cells. It is wonderfully relaxing – especially after a really hard day of physical or mental exertion. Soak or bathe all your cares away, relieve tight or sore muscles and joints, relax the nervous system, promote better sleep and recover from stress.  

Magnesium soaking is a superior method of absorbing magnesium to tissue cells in the case of magnesium deficiency compared to taking tablets and powders, which аrе inefficiently digested and mostly expelled into the toilet. The gut wall can only cope with dilute amounts of magnesium – otherwise the stool liquefies and you lose the magnesium too quickly.  Your internal tissue cells in muscle and bone may be starving for more magnesium, but the only way to absorb very large amounts of magnesium ions naturally is to let the skin do all the work via magnesium water soaking, or to apply Magnesium Cream or Magnesium Charge Lotion.

The other great benefit of magnesium flakes foot soaking or bathing is the therapeutic effect of the heat of the water itself.  Magnesium flakes soaking is very soothing and relaxing and helps to prepare for a sound sleep if done half an hour before bed time.

Soaking with magnesium chloride flakes (food grade) is very gentle and moisturising for skin compared to soaking in magnesium sulphate (epsom salts), which can leave skin feeling dry and itchy.  Magnesium chloride soaking leaves your skin feel silky soft and hydrated.

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