Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Serum 30ml

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Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Serum 30ml

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Are you concerned with Melasma, sun spots, age spots or other pigmentation? Prevent all of these from getting worse with this power house of antioxidants and pigment inhibiting ingredients. This guy is going to help you keep that pesky pigment under control.

Where you find pigment you usually find inflammation so this serum is designed to not only help prevent pigmentation from forming in the skin, but helps to sooth and calm whilst lightly exfoliating.

Benefits: Prevent pigmentation, Calm and sooth, Gentle exfoliant

Skin Type: Aging, Pigmentation






3 reviews for Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Serum 30ml

  1. Tracy

    Really quick delivery and great price!

  2. Sharlene H.

    One of my favourite serums.

  3. Jeanique Koeleman

    Amazing and great shipping!

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