DARCASE AURI 24k Gold Gua Sha

Brand: Darcase


or 220 Points

The Aurí is a 24k gold plated dual-ended Gua Sha with multiple contours that promote lymphatic fluid drainage and stimulate blood circulation. Take your facial muscles to the gym and enjoy firmer, lifted skin.

Aurí Guá Shá is an at home facial massage tool that lifts and plumps the skin with noticeable results after a few uses.

Lymphatic Drainage: A lymph drainage massage promotes water retention and increases circulation.

Relaxes Stiff Facial Muscles to Release Tension: A facial massage with the gua sha relaxes muscles and can help with headaches, teeth grinding, and overall comfort.

Reduces Inflammation of the Sinuses: Sweep gua sha lightly across acupressure points to reduce puffiness and relieve sinus pressure

Decollete Massage: The Guá Shá can also be used on the neck, shoulder, and jaw area to contour and relax muscles



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